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My Fiction Writing – Discover the Secrets of Master Fiction Writers and Bestselling Book Authors |

Product Name: My Fiction Writing – Discover the Secrets of Master Fiction Writers and Bestselling Book Authors |


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Learn the arts of creating extraordinary characters, developing a captivating storyline, introducing elements of surprise, fascination and thrill, and finding the right words to put it all together.

You are in the right place!

A Comprehensive Hands-On Mentorship Course to Coach You on Writing a Stellar Piece of Fiction and Getting It Published Within Weeks.

 Our step-by-step approach will not only boost your confidence in your writing skills but will help you develop an action plan to get real tangible results in a very short time.

Get the Story out of Your Imagination and Have It on Paper.

Even if you have no idea about writing fiction or if you are unable to get into that particular comfort zone of writing a great story, this course will help you achieve all your fiction writing goals.

Are You Ready to Go from a Blank Slate to Becoming a Word-Crafting Powerhouse?

The goal of this course is to give you the knowledge, the system, confidence and the skills necessary to write an amazing fiction story from start to finish. If you want to write fiction, this course will answer all the questions you may have.

You will be surprised how making a few adjustments in your lifestyle and retweaking your strategy a little bit can bring you massive results.


My Fiction Writing course has 6 modules, and each module is divided into multiple chapters. Each chapter comes with related resources, worksheets, and action plan so that you develop applied skills as you progress.

Discover the key elements of a novel; learn what makes it different from other types of writing and how to write a perfect novel within weeks.

Learn about the essential fundamentals that constitute a screenplay, how to structure it like a professional. You will also learn the art of writing a complete screenplay.

Understand the importance of outlines and know how it can affect your writing performance; the strategies involved in developing outlines and sticking to them.

Learn the art of developing a great story, structuring it right and putting all the parts in the right places. You will also learn how to create chapters and how to link all the chapters together in an exciting manner.

Learn the importance of a powerful story plot, how it affects your writing process, and develop the skills required to create an impactful story plot that can keep your reader fascinated with your story.

Discover the process of creating unique and impressive characters, blending them into the story and learn the art of revealing them as your story proceeds.

Each chapter is so eloquently put that you will not have any difficulty understanding the contents even if you are completely new to fiction writing. As you go through the chapters and practice what you learn, you will feel a massive increase in your knowledge and confidence to write fiction from start to finish.

Ideas will be flowing through your mind as if you are in a completely new realm of creativity. You will feel that writing fiction comes naturally to you!

The Opportunity to Make It Through Is Right in Front of You. Stop Wondering, Start Writing the Next Fiction Bestseller.


 Coming from a literary background, writing should’ve come naturally to me; but it didn’t. I struggled for over a year to complete my first novel, but I never went past the first few lines. Everyone around me was supportive, but still, I was nowhere. This writing course changed everything for me, provided me with the elements I was missing, enabling me to write my first short story in just four weeks. I highly recommend this course to every writer.

Mark Akkerman – Virginia

My Fiction Writing has been the most helpful and informative of my many courses on writing fiction. I was motivated, had a clear vision of what I wanted to do and got to work. Thanks for the resources you provided I am almost there. Thank you so much for this remarkable course.

 I cannot thank you enough for creating this wonderful course. I took more than a few writing master classes, attended workshops and training, but I was still unable to bring life to my story. However, the way you have organized the course kept it simple, direct and easy to follow; it was a sensational experience for me. I have already sold 1000+ copies of my children story by now, thanks to you. Keep up the good work.

Liam Robinson – Canberra


And access to a ton of opportunities to meet and connect with other fiction writers, book authors, and publishers. This is the only program you will ever need!


You get instant access to all the resources, training material, guides and worksheets along with lifetime access to all the modules right away.


 Why is this course better than any other course on the market?

Two Reasons: First, the contents of this course were developed by the secrets and strategies revealed by several master fiction writers and authors of several bestsellers who have sold millions of books and novels. Second, instead of beating around the bush to make the course long, we have kept it focused, result oriented and professional.

All the modules in this course are videos. Also, you also get several Tools, Resources, Worksheets And Planners that will amplify your success. The contents, resources, and documents are regularly updated to keep you focused and motivated to achieve results.

We have designed this course for aspiring fiction writers and experienced authors who want to write a great fiction book. This course will also help creative copywriters.

What if I don’t get results or if it’s not the right fit for me?

My Fiction Writing course is backed by a 60-days money back guarantee. If you don’t like the results or feel something missing, let us know, and we will serve a full refund right away.


Yes, you got it right. The My Fiction Writing course is backed by a no questions asked 60-days money back guarantee.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the course, or you feel you didn’t get the value you were expecting, request a refund, and we will process it right away.


Do you have an amazing story in mind, but you can’t get it down on paper? You’ve got the idea and the characters but soon run out of steam? Perhaps you are a beginner and need help putting it all together. Whatever your reason, this module helps to unlock the secrets of novel writing in simple-to-follow ways that will bring significant results fast.

Tips to Write Engrossing Page-Turners

This module provides a breakdown of essential aspects of writing Romance, Fantasy and Mystery novels and unveils crucial tips and tricks that will help flesh-out the characters in your book. The course assists in creating compelling plots and weaving stories that your readers will be fully immersed in.

A course that quickly gets to the heart of the matter in a clear and concise way.

New and experienced authors will rapidly find answers to what they need.

Each section is summarized with a series of short questions to help inspire deeper reflection. These are:

THE OUTLINE – how to refine major schemes & subplots that make sense to the reader & also your protagonist.

THE SETTING – the art of crafting a sense of place & how to work with multiple locations & time-periods.

POINT OF VIEW – helping you to form the best character perspectives for your story.

CHARACTERS – the best way to choose your central character to drive the story forward & one in whom your audience will discover a gripping read.

CONFLICT – how & when to use struggle to keep the reader engaged.

ADDITIONAL TIPS – a final section that motivates the author to think differently to engage emotion & lose the reader in the heart of the story. The course helps an author to think outside of the box when faced with over-used clichés, and to deal with the pressures of deadlines and expectations.

A Much-Needed Breath of Fresh Air

This module reminds us that readers are not expecting a perfect book, just an engaging one. We highlight how our own ideals can stand in the way of a great book being written.

At a time when self-publishing and using Print on Demand is gaining mainstream popularity, our course will prove to be the go-to guide for many a struggling author. 


Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to Publishing Screenplays

Whether you’ve got a completed script, or need help off the starting-blocks, getting a Screenplay formatted correctly to catch the eye of producers is no easy task. A little, professional advice goes a long way, and this module delivers large, for those with big screen aspirations!

Top Writing Tricks You Didn’t Know – for TV & Film

When writing for the movies, TV, video or computer games, there are essential elements you must get right to show professional competence, and avoid looking like an amateur. The course not only provides the answers but presents them in an easy to understand way that can be read in under a day to bring game-changing results fast.

By explaining the best formatting requirements for each genre, the course unveils the blueprints that experts use for Feature film and Television dramas & sitcoms. We examine the best ways to edit-on-a-budget and the 6 Tips for Success that can turn your script into must-have property.

Slugs, Thugs & the Theory of Illumination

Even if you know your slugs from your thugs, the Theory of Illumination is just one of the many methods the course describes for writing believable, compelling characters that have edge-of-the-seat dialogue.

This module gets you in the frame for success and makes sure you won’t fade out of view. From creating beat sheets, to helping you write your first draft, the course looks over your shoulder and breaks everything down line-by-line, to help you style your writing in a properly formatted and accepted way.

Subjects Covered Include:

Is Your Novel Losing the Plot?

Sometimes we can be too close to a story to see clearly. If you find that you begin to change the plot midway, or struggle to think of one at all, this module deals specifically with keeping you on track to create compelling plot outlines your readers will love.

Outlining is an invaluable tool for a writer. It helps the author to not feel confined by working to a plot summary and instead, demonstrates how, by following best practices, such a framework can liberate the writer to new levels of creativity.

This concise guide also reveals the way to use an outline for those writers who prefer the story to be revealed to them. Both methods help to drive the narrative and create twists and surprises that will captivate your audience.

The course establishes a blueprint for both fiction & non-fiction novels and gives useful examples, while considering the strengths and weaknesses of each method.

Tricks Any Writer Can Learn

Arranged simply and effectively, this guide is divided into four concise and easy-to-read sections that will bring about fast results. These are:

THE BASICS OF MAKING AN OUTLINE – considers the flow of ideas, how to present characters effectively against a developing storyline, and the way to refine major schemes & subplots that drive the story forward.

FICTION OUTLINE – practical methods that inspire ideas in different ways, to help the sequencing of events unfold in a story & keep sight of the key points.

NON-FICTION OUTLINE – four methods to arrange facts & research in a way that will not leave any gaps in the reader’s understanding.

BEST PRACTICES – tips to get to know your characters and story more deeply so that your reader will be fully-absorbed in the novel. The module describes ways of bringing in flexibility and simplicity to your outline.

Outlining is an essential read for any author, new or established, to form a good foundation of winning principles. It takes less than a day to read but provides a lifetime of benefit.

Following completion, the author will know how to arrange ideas around 5 Key Parts of a Plot, the ways to observe proper sequence, and make an outline work for them, not against them. Characters will be developed more realistically, while turning-points that unfold during the course of the story, will leave the reader gripping the page like a white-knuckle rollercoaster ride.


Shape Your Story Like a Pro

If you have a phenomenal story to tell but find you can’t quite make it flow or form in a natural, yet moving way, this module will transform your approach to writing and make your novel a compelling and addictive read.

Crammed full of tricks and tips to help both beginner and advanced authors complete their books in an enticing way.

Each chapter is dedicated to one aspect of story structures, and begins with a 9-Step Process to dividing up your tale; which includes:

STEP ONE: The First Act – Introducing characters & what is at stake

STEP TWO: The First Major Plot Point – How to leave readers wanting more

STEP FIVE: Second Half of the Second Act – The need to support the protagonist

STEP SEVEN: Third Act – Protagonist is forced to face the enemy before being ready

The course uses examples to drive home how developing a strong story structure is important to help maintain focus, enrich plot ideas and provide a bird’s-eye view of whether your novel is working.

The module elicits the need to pay attention to how your characters develop as the plot unfolds, and acts as a framework to write in a manner that will heighten the reader’s curiosity and desire to see them grow.

The course describes how to explain the reasons characters may often act highly irrational in various situations, through character-driven and action-driven change. We illustrate how being able to answer “why?” deepens a reader’s emotional investment in them and serves to create a gripping page-turner!

Mastering the Art of Suspense…

A good story keeps readers wondering how events are going to unfold and how they will impact the lives of your characters.

This module guides the author through Ten Tips to Create Suspense:

Tips from Experienced Authors

The final chapter gives a look behind-the-scenes at the thinking of real authors and their recommendations regarding whether to adopt traditional structures for your genre or research new ones, how and when to modify a structure template, and the ways to hide structure in your writing.Story Structure is an indispensable guide for serious authors wanting write professionally.

Your ‘Why’ for Writing, Will Also Be Their ‘Why’ for Reading

Are you struggling to take your story to the next level? Would you like to know the best ways to create intrigue and have your readers rave about your book? This module is a step-by-step guide that takes you through the process of developing compelling plots from beginning to end.

With tips and tricks taken straight from professional writers, the novelist will learn how to use plotlines for maximum effect, while retaining creative freedom.

This module helps the author weave suspense through improved conflict-writing, centered around a developing plot. Characters are challenged, affected and emerge changed in ways that infuse emotions in your readers, so that they cannot help but be personally invested in the welfare of your protagonist.

The course explains in concise straightforward language and with clear examples, the benefits of knowing where you are going with your novel; where the plotline starts (exposition) to how it ends (resolution) and how working with an overview, helps to captivate readers in terms of the lessons learned and the experience of life through the eyes of your characters.

8 Steps to Conflict ResolutionThis bcourse acts as a go-to framework for all levels of writers and introduces an 8-Step Process to adding substance to your story through plotting; these include:

From understanding the basic principles of a plotline, to placing your characters into situations that will help you get inside their head more, the course demonstrates the ways to make a plot event a more profound experience for the reader, to activate emotions and keep them engaged until the end of the book.

Having a Strong “Why”This module imparts pro-writing knowledge to elicit genuine resentment against the antagonist while showing the real “why” behind your characters’ actions. This aspect of plotting, captures the importance of allowing the characters to resolve their own conflicts and to keep the reader on the edge of their seats with excitement.

Creating an effective plot is not easy, however, the course unravels the secret formula and presents it in her own alluring way, and through the opinions of seasoned-writers she presents the methods to take your storytelling to new heights.


Need to Breathe Life into Your Characters?

You may have a great story but if your characters are flat and uninteresting your readers will find your story dull. If your lead protagonist isn’t generating empathy, then no one cares what happens to them. This module covers every aspect of character building; from developing charismatic and believable people, to making sure they work holistically to drive the narrative forward in realistic ways.

Know Your Anti-Hero from Your Antagonist

In order to create compelling characters your readers will love, the course introduces the reader to 12-character types and explains how and when they are introduced to a story. She demonstrates the importance of instilling flaws to create a balance of human qualities that evolve throughout the novel in captivating ways.

Make Unforgettable Characters

Character Development is a much-needed step-by-step guide to help authors create remarkable protagonists and to decide which characters are necessary to the plot. The course delivers a groundbreaking 176 questions to consider while creating characters. An author need never struggle again to generate memorable heroes and villains!

10 Samples of the 176 Character-Forming Questions:

By using some, or all of these questions an author will no longer create one-dimensional characters and will have readers gripped throughout their trials and tribulations.

There will be many thought-provoking subjects for both beginner and experienced authors that will motivate a much deeper conception of characters, some of which include:

Step-by-Step Explanations, At Your Own Pace.

Did you know that a large percentage of people learn by listening and seeing? This online video course has everything you need.

Once you subscribe and become a member, you can easily navigate through all the modules. If by any chance you want to refer to a module which you had completed, you go back and find it intact and refer to it.

Videos can be paused and resumed at any one time. This gives you the freedom and flexibility that you require to take the course.

No one is telling you the amount of time you need to finish one module or how fast you have to go through the course. You determine your speed and learning time. No unreasonable pressure from anyone.

Your Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Successful Fiction Writer!

Taking an online video course has never been this easy and beneficial. Imagine having to go through a course at your own pace as you reflect on your writing and gauge your writing skills as you progress.

This video course allows you to do exactly that. It might sound unbelievable, but it is very much possible. Become a member today and take your fiction writing skills to another level.

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