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How To Build A Treehouse!

Product Name: How To Build A Treehouse!


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have been making tree houses since I was very small. My
dad loved to help me, and he created some life long memories that I
cherish forever.

a ready-built tree house doesn’t have the same effect.. and it costs a
heck of a lot more too.

I’d like to show you how you can have a treehouse plan to build a safe,
affordable, all weather tree house that lasts for years… and in as little
as one weekend.

more safety risks, no more disappointed kids and no
more being ripped off by toy manufacturers.

And that’s important, because…

back, I realize that it wasn’t the tree houses
that made me happy. It was the quality time I spent with my dad.

it was the pride and sense of satisfaction

see, every time I played in the tree house, I would
tell my friends that me and my dad built it from scratch.

would drop their jaws and tell me how cool my
was… some said their dads wouldn’t even give them 10 minutes with
football or baseball.

dad was proud, and he knew what these simple things in
life meant to me and our relationship.

sure you are the same with your kids, right? After
all, that is why you are here isn’t it?

so, I applaud you, because these days, so many people think good
parenting simply means buying them the latest computer games, or a TV
for their

of these kids who go off the rails are also the ones
with a poor relationship with their parents.

why you are different, and why I congratulate you
on deciding to actually put in the effort to raise your children

here is another kickback for you…

get a bit more peace and quiet around the house when your kids are tucked away in the
house all summer!

I will be totally honest
with you, the first few tree
houses we tried to build actually ended up as a collapsed pile of wood
in the
back yard.

there were some emergency tree operations where my
dad had to saw branches off, just so we could get my younger brother
out before

funny looking back, but at the time our
“slapdash” tree houses could have caused many arguments, cuts and
injuries and caused us to get stuck or fall from a height and seriously
our lives.

know it sounds dramatic, but it’s very possible when you
think about it.

my dad was smart and very protective.
why he stepped in and showed us how to build a tree house that would
stand the
test of time and keep us warm, dry and safe in any season.

went on to build many in the years that followed, and
some were more tree castles than houses. Fast forward many years and I
now have
children of my own, and when they wanted a tree house it was my time to
shine again.

I discovered along the way, is that…

project is different. Sometimes you’ll need to work
out whether the tree house needs ground support, or if it will be
stable on a
certain type of tree, or which materials to use for different styles

let’s face it, the last thing you want is to put
your child’s safety at risk, right?

why many people visit this website for the detailed treehouse plans
I have available for you today.

see, the sheer pleasure I get from building tree
houses both as a child and parent has made me want to share that with
proud parents like yourself.

when I remembered how improper instruction nearly
resulted in my brother getting seriously injured, I knew that my
treehouse plans
would surely help other parents like you.

keep reading, because I’m going to offer you all of
the resources, steps and plans you need to create a safe tree house
that lasts
all year round.

about to get everything you need all in one easy
resource… from the type of house to build, through to the tools and

Step by step, detail by detail.

I’ve got it all covered so you can avoid the
boring research and finally get started in that fun project to make
kids – and yourself – proud and happy.

still, I’m also going to show you how you can build
an award winning tree house in as little as one weekend!

Ready? Great; so let’s get started…

principles are simple…

There are three main components to building a tree
the foundation,
the posts and
the rest of the structure.

The foundation and posts keep the tree house
and safe, and the rest of the structure is where you can really turn
the tree
house into an amazing looking den for your kids.

When you get these three elements working together
properly, you will have a truly safe, long lasting and
visually stunning
tree house that your kids will adore.

Now here is the overview…

Step 1. Picking a
suitable tree

It is important that if the tree is going to be
the entire house, that it is sturdy. If not, this can lead to major
and tricky building conditions.

So a sturdy tree is a must, but you’ll also need

The tree will often act as the main supporting leg
of the
house, but posts make the tree house truly secure and safe.

We’ll use posts as legs to create a basic
structure, so
that the tree acts as only one leg supporting the house. Alternatively,
using posts you can have the tree go through the middle of the tree
house for a
really cool “look out tower” effect.

Step 2. Setting the foundation

is where blueprints or sound, tested treehouse plans are very
useful. The foundation of the actual house can be built in many ways,
some much
safer than others.

depends on what materials you choose, and the size of
your tree house of course.

simple design would involve laying flat boards across
the posts that you’ve installed and then simply nailing them all

that you have the framework in place, you can design
the actual tree house in many creative ways. But before you do, here’s
a tip: ask
your kids first!

You want your kids to be involved, and to actually
the tree house itself. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time.

great thing is, once you have the core foundation and
support structure, anything goes really. Obviously you will need to
make sure
any additional features and design elements are sturdy and can hold the

there will likely be several kids in the house
at any one time, so don’t just base your plans on a single child’s

are many different designs that are proven to be
popular with kids, such as the open air model which allows your kids to
visible and able to get out in an emergency, without being completely
and boxed in.

more you can incorporate the tree and surrounding
environment, the better. After
all, the whole point of building a tree house is that your kids
remember they are in a tree when they are actually inside it!

that’s the basic principles, but there’s one more

of all, these are only the basics. There are many
fine details involved for maximum safety, and to be able to build it
first time around.

there’s the safety risks…

with any DIY task or home based activity, there’s
always a safety risk. When a tree house is built incorrectly, this risk

it takes is a rough nail or a loose plank and it could
spell a hospital trip and a ruined summer for your kids.

that’s before we mention the risk of a side collapsing
and a young child falling 10ft to the ground.

don’t say these things to scare you or put you off, but
to make sure you follow plans and guidelines which are quite literally,
as safe
as houses.

really not hard to build a solid, safe and great
looking tree house with the right guidelines and tools. It won’t cost
you a
fortune and you probably have all the basic DIY tools you need to do it

one thing you’re missing is the proven
treehouse plans
to actually take that idea and turn it into a dream tree house that
your kids
will remember and enjoy for years to come.

Today, I’d like to give you that missing
blueprint so you
can have your new tree
house built in as little as one weekend, from

a guide for building any kind of tree house
your kids can dream of (within reason!) and it doesn’t take a DIY
expert or
professional craftsman to get the job done properly either.

tree house building manual walks you through all of
the vital steps, making sure you build a tree house that is not just
safe and
durable, but also looks amazing too.

And really, there’s still just so much more
inside… including
dozens of tricks, tips, shortcuts, resources and ways to save money and
time in
the process.

And in
case you were wondering, here is…

will find this guide effective because…

When you put it all together, it’s safe
to say…

of all, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried
to find treehouse plans and step by step instructions in one single
place before. It
never happens.

why everything I have learned was done through my
own trial and error as a result.

it’s fun for me, I’m not sure every parent wants
to spend months labouring away and spending a fortune on wasted
materials and
time building a crooked, unsafe or miserable looking tree house.

do they want to spend days going back and forth on the
internet trying to piece information together… which sometimes
happens to be
incorrect or dangerous information too.

are just some of the reasons why I decided to create
this guide in the first place… because I knew there would be other
like me who are in the same position as I was…

wanting to know how to get started the right way, and
quickly bypass the steep learning curve that other people have to

I’m pretty sure most parents are like me… and want
to keep the cost down at all times. That’s why I’ve included
tons of
tips for getting cheap materials that most people overlook, but are
just as
good as the expensive stuff.

And here’s where I believe this
guide stands out even
more, because…

there’s one last question for you…

I said earlier, building a tree house isn’t just about
a play den for your kids. It’s way more than that to them, and to you.

think, you’ll be giving them endless hours of fun,
a sense of responsibility and ownership, giving you peace and quiet,
creating lasting memories along the way.

Your kids will never forget the time
you spent building
this tree house for them, and one day they will want to do the
same for their
kids too.

not like other parents who dump their kids in a
poky room and let them play computer games all day and night… are you?

course not! You know how important it is to get your
kids playing outside, with other kids… and getting respect from their

kids will respect and love you even more for that…
even though it’s just a small gesture.

let’s not forget the sense of
achievement you
will be getting too… after all, it’s an amazing feeling to stand back
look at your labour of love.

this guide, I can help you achieve this little
project at a fraction of the cost that other people have to pay.

show you how to save money every step of the way, and
I’ll show you how to build a tree house that lasts for many years…
in as little as a few days in some cases.

more worrying about safety risks or being ripped off.
No more disappointed kids who see their parents buying a ready built
tree house
that every other kid has got.

all that in mind, wouldn’t you say its worth a little
bit of spare pocket change to invest in my Ebook?

without spending months wasting time on tree houses
that fall apart or become a serious health and safety risk.

To grab yourself a copy of ‘HOW TO BUILD A TREE HOUSE’, there’s
a ‘Buy Now’
button below. Once
clicked that link, you’ll be taken to the order screen to make a secure

You will
then be sent to a ‘Thank You’
page with simple download instructions within seconds.

means you can literally start
reading today… no waiting for the postman for the next
few days!

material is available to read online
or to download to your computer. So no matter what, you’ll always have
a backup
copy if you need it.

despite the small investment, I’d like to make sure
you are totally happy and protected, with this…

Grab your copy today,
and follow the simple steps I have
created for you.

give you an entire 60 days to give it a fair
shot. If you don’t like it, or can’t get going for whatever reason – or
for no reason at all – then simply shoot me a quick email and tell me
not paying for it.

won’t ask you any weird questions or try to convince you
to change your mind. You’ll pay nothing, and there will be no hard

know this guarantee will be abused by the occasional person
with no conscience, but it’s the only way I can prove to you that I
really do
stand behind my claims and this product.

mean, think about it…

this was a piece of junk, why would I offer such a
solid guarantee? There’s only one reason I’m offering this risk free

because I know you’ll love it and I wouldn’t be able
to buy it back off you at twice the price!

I’ll let YOU
be the judge of that, once you get

what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you showed your
kids what you are capable of, and how much you care?

Of Good Wishes And Hours of Fun

– I know how much it means to give your
children such an amazing gift. It tells them more about your love
than any
pre-made, overpriced tree house ever could.

also know that many parents spend months – along with
obscene amounts of money – trying to build a tree house that doesn’t
feel safe,
doesn’t look cool, and won’t last more than a month.

don’t have to waste your time and money like they
did, because this guide has everything
you need to create a
original, safe and affordable tree house that your kids will remember
for ever.

they won’t just remember the tree house as a great
place to sulk or play, but also the time you spent with them when
building it.

with a 60
risk free trial, you can simply give it a shot and see how
quick and
easy it is to build a safe, cool and unique tree house today.

it a test drive and see what happens. There’s no
pressure and a whole bunch of reasons why it will pay off for you, your
and your relationship with them.

what better way to enjoy it, other than getting up
to speed quickly, and without wasting thousands on over priced
materials and
shoddy designs?

started with your risk free 60 day trial today, and
start showing your friends and family just how handy you can be (and
how much
of a loving parent you really are too!)

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Click here to get How To Build A Treehouse! at discounted price while it’s still available…

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